Harrington On Hold’em 1 Review

Most people think that poker is poker. They think that the strategy to play winning Texas Hold’em is the same regardless of whether you’re playing cash games, sit ‘n goes, or tournaments. These same people wonder why they can clean up at the cash tables, but get clobbered in tournaments. They can’t seem to figure out why that happens.Harringtion on Holdem Book 1

It happens because poker is not poker. The way to play winning Texas Hold’em changes depending on the situation. For example, when you’re playing Texas Hold’em at a cash table, it’s never right to fold pocket aces pre-flop. However, there are rare situations that come up in tournament play when folding pocket aces pre-flop is the right move. If you can’t think of an example, then you’re not ready to play Texas Hold’em tournaments.

For those of you who can’t seem to play tournament Texas Hold’em profitably; Dan Harrington will be the Obi-Wan to your Luke Skywalker. Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 1 is the first of Harrington’s triology of books about tournament Texas Hold’em play. This book will teach you the basics of playing winning Texas Hold’em poker.

Harrington teaches in a practical style. After every chapter, Harrington puts your new found knowledge to the test with a “problems” section. In the problems section, Harrington sets up a real poker situation to test your understanding of the previous chapter’s concepts. These problems are incredibly detailed. Harrington gives you all the details of the situation complete with position, blinds, and stack sizes. Harrington understands that a 5-2 suited can be a fold in one situation and an all-in shove in another.

This book, however, isn’t for the uninitiated. Without basic poker knowledge, the sage wisdom of Harrington will be lost on you. When I say “basic knowledge,” I don’t mean that you know the rules of the game and what hands beat what; I mean you need to know about starting hand ranges, pot odds, and implied odds. Without this knowledge, Harrington On Hold ‘em: Volume 1 will be way over your head.

However, if you’re an experienced poker player who understands the technical aspects of the game, Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 1 will teach you to destroy your opponents before and after the flop. However, the knowledge you’ll receive is incomplete. While Harrington will make sharpen your early game, he doesn’t complete your education in just one book. You’ll need to get Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 2 to complete your tournament poker education.

If you’re interested in playing tournament Texas Hold ‘em, you owe it to yourself to buy the Harrington series. This series is the bible of tournament Texas Hold’em game play. After reading volume 1 of the series you’ll know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, and when to shove them down your opponent’s throat with a well-timed all-in.

Most poker players lose money in the long run. The reason is because most players don’t know how to alter their play depending on the type of game they’re playing. There’s a big difference between cash Texas Hold’em play and tournament Texas Hold’em play. Reading this book is the first step to destroying your competition in Texas Hold’em tournaments.

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