Harrington On Hold’em Volume 3 Review

The trouble with all poker books is that they’re full of theory. You read hundreds of pages that tell you how to choose your hands, how to determine your implied odds, and how to interpret betting patterns. There’s so much information crammed into these books that you’d be lucky if you remembered 20% of what you read.Harringtion on Holdem Book 3

Don’t misunderstand me. It’s important to read books written by the masters of poker to help improve your game, but understanding how to apply that knowledge is what turns poker wannabes into poker professionals.

No author understands the importance of practical experience more than Dan Harrington. Harrington’s books are considered by many to be the definitive guide to Texas Hold’em tournament play. The insights in Volumes 1 and 2 border on genius, but the feature that sets Harrington’s books apart from the hoards of other poker books on the market is the practical problems at the end of each chapter that help solidify key concepts.

It’s easy to answer questions when you’ve just read the answers, but one month later is a different story. Harrington has that covered too. Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 3 is an entire book devoted testing your Texas Hold’em tournament prowess. You’ll be presented with problem after problem in addition to reading about hands that were played in the real world. After reading this book, you’ll be ready to take on anything you could possibly face at a tournament poker table.

The major downside of this book is that it is way above the heads of poker novices. If you’re not knowledgeable about pot odds, implied odds, inflection points, and pot control; you might as well read a book about neurosurgery. Neither book will make any sense to you. However, the advanced poker player will be thrown head-first into the mind of a poker master.

If you’re just getting started playing poker, you can still benefit from Harrington’s advice. You just need a little background knowledge. Here’s the recommended reading list for poker newbies:

The Theory of Poker- This book will give you basic knowledge of starting hands, pot odds, implied odds, and pot control.

Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 1– This book will teach you tournament basics and strong pre-flop and post flop strategy.

Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 2 – This book will teach you about inflection points and later tournament game play.

After reading these three books, anyone would be ready for the knowledge conveyed in Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 3.

In Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 3, Harrington doesn’t just teach you how to play tournament Texas Hold’em, he shows you. You’ll be presented with a barrage of potential tournament situations and be asked to make a decision. In the solution, Harrington will explain why a certain course of action is the right one. You’ll also read example of famous hands fought between poker pros. You’ll be able to see how your decision making process compares with their’s.

In short, Harrington’s final book of his tournament poker series will prepare you for war on the green felt. Once you can correctly answer the problems in this book and understand why those answers are superior to other potential solutions, you can annihilate the competition in Texas Hold’em tournaments.

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