Harrington On Hold’em Volume 2 Review

So you’ve read Harrington’s first book on Texas Hold’em tournaments and are reaping the benefits. Your return on investment has gone up and you know when you need to shove to keep your stack from getting blinded into oblivion, but you feel like something’s missing.Harringtion on Holdem Book 2

You’re doing well in the early parts of the tournament, but then the blinds get into that awkward stage where they’re too big to splash around the pot, but too small to shove. How do you play in this situation? How do you handle the endgame in Texas Hold’em tournaments?

The answers to those questions are in Dan Harrington’s second volume in his Texas Hold’em poker tournament triology. This book will complete your tournament hold’em education and make you one of the toughest tournament players online or offline.

Do you know what an inflection point is? If you said no, you’ll never become a great tournament Texas Hold’em player. In The words of Dan Harrington:

“Be advised that playing correctly around inflection points is the most important single
skill of no-limit hold’em tournaments.”

The basic premise behind inflection points is that the smaller your stack is in compared to the blinds, the more restricted your options are. For example, when blinds are $10/$20 and you have $2500 in chips, you can take chances and try to bully passive players; but when the blinds are $200/$400 with a $75 ante your options become much more restricted.

Part 10 of Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 2 is about a 150 pages of pure genius. This part alone will be well worth the price of the book. It will revolutionize your game. The first 150 pages of the book talks about how to make moves on your opponent and the next 150 pages will teach you how to pick the perfect time to make those moves. The final pages of the book talk about how to adjust your inflection points for short-handed tables and controlling pot size.

In addition providing revolutionary advice on playing Texas Hold ‘em tournaments, Harrington presents practical problems for you to solve. He’ll give you all the details you need to make the right decision. These problems will prepare you to make the right decision in real-life situations. Choose wrong in the book, and you can always re-read the previous chapter and try again. Choose wrong in real life and your bankroll takes a hit.

Harrington finishes his book by teaching you how the game changes in heads-up play. Often, there’s a big difference in the prize money for first and second place. Knowing how to handle yourself in a heads-up situation can add hundreds of dollars to your bankroll.

Any successful poker player who says they haven’t read Harrington’s books is either lying or they spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn Harrington’s lessons the hard way. The book has a retail price of $29.95 and the information is worth hundreds of times that price. The Harrington on Hold’em series is required reading for anyone who wants to play winning tournament poker.

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