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Poker Notes

Three key differences between good and bad poker players Part 2

In the few years since I switched from playing poker as a source of income to writing about poker as a source of income I have probably penned at least a dozen articles on this theme, and the remarkable thing is that each time I do, the advice changes! Whether this is because poker is so complex that there are 100’s of things you should and shouldn’t do -which is true-or if it’s because poker changes so fast that what was right or important is not tomorrow -which is also true!

So here is Part 2 of my latest contribution on the topic of what makes a good poker player.

  • Good players look for any edge while bad players take the path of least resistance

Discipline doesn’t simply mean waiting for good cards, discipline also means not jumping into the first available seat, and knowing when you a game has gone bad or you are no longer performing at your highest level. Players who are so impatient as to jump into a bad game when simply waiting for an extra half hour would supply them with a seat in a softer game are just throwing their money away.

What Good Players Do…

Good players understand the value of small edges, especially when you compound small edge upon small edge, and will always be looking for a better opportunity -whether that means switching to a better seat or game, calling it quits for the night, or not getting into a pissing contest with the other good players at the table.

Good players also understand the importance of hard work and focus both at the poker tables and away from the tables. So while good players are working on their game, bad players are off watching TV or playing video games.

What Bad Players Do…

Bad players have no such compunctions, and will simply take the path of least resistance; even if that means giving up some of their edge -and even of you are the best player in the world at some point you will be giving up so much of your edge that you are now the fish in the game.

Bad players jump in the first available seat without scouting out the games; bad players don’t make notes of how their opponents play; bad players play too long and under adverse circumstances; and why do they do this? The simple answer is that it’s the quickest, easiest, way to get into a poker game -they basically take the lazy man’s route.

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