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Top 10 Online Poker Rooms
Full Tilt Poker
100% up to $600
Exclusive Bonus
Full Tilt Poker Referral Code
Titan Poker
150% up to $600
Exclusive Bonus
Titan Poker Bonus Code
Ultimate Bet
111% up to $1100
Exclusive Bonus
Ultimate Bet Bonus Code
Poker Stars
100% up to $50
Exclusive Bonus
Poker Stars Bonus Code
Cake Poker
100% up to $1000
Exclusive Bonus
Cake Poker Bonus Code
Doyles Room
110% up to $660
Exclusive Bonus
Doyles Room Promo Code
Bodog Poker
110% up to $500
Exclusive Bonus
Bodog Bonus
Mansion Poker
100% up to $500
Exclusive Bonus
Mansion Poker Referral Code
Poker Room
100% up to $500
Exclusive Bonus
Poker Room Bonus code
Party Poker
30% up to $150
Exclusive Bonus
Party Poker Bonus Code

Online poker room bonus bonanza

Article By: RuffPoker.com

With the flood of competition for online poker there is an ever evolving battle to attract players to online poker sites. The reason for this is simple, the more players playing on gaming sites online tables, the more they get back through the ‘rake’. On top of this, an online gaming company’s ability to attract sponsorship and a rising share price is dictated by the amount of traffic, i.e. players using the site for their online poker needs.

As such companies are always trying to outdo one another with bigger and better bonus offers and reward systems to attract new players and keep existing players using their tables.

All offer ‘instant access’ to multiple player environments. Low limit, pot limit, no limit holdem, multi table tournaments and sit and go tournaments but this abundance of choice is not enough. To attract players to come AND TO STAY, they offer 100% - 200%...600% bonuses.

There are two types of bonus, the bonus amount and the bonus match. The bonus amount is simply a set amount on money a site will put in your account once you sign-up. Obviously this is the best type of bonus, but there are usually clauses stating that you must play a certain number of hands before you can use or withdraw the bonus money. For example Titan Poker and Bodog Poker currently have the best sign-up bonus offers on the market which states that you are eligible for anything up to $500 when you make your first deposit, and/or combine a deposit with a bonus match. The bonus match is an incentive given to get you to come back to the site and reload the balance on your account. Here you are given a percentage of the amount you deposit. For example CD Poker are currently offering 200% on all deposits made, which basically means for every $20 you deposit you receive another $40 as a bonus reward. PartPoker, Betfair and Mansion Poker also have similarly impressive bonus match offers.

So you may ask how can they be so generous? Well as we have said, online gaming companies live or die by the popularity of their product. It looks good for the share price if the company has high volumes of traffic on its site, it offers them better bargaining power with would-be sponsors/advertisers, but largely bonuses are great for keeping players playing poker where you want them. The bonus clauses are usually set to such a level that it is very difficult to withdraw the actual money without having first played a serious number of raked hands. It is a way of keeping activity levels up, by passing the pots around. But in such a competitive market, with everyone vying for your loyalty, you can use the market conditions to your advantage. I know for example many people who simply move from one card room to the next, making the minimal deposits required to get the bonus and then play enough hands to make a withdrawal.

This does take considerable time and skill however. I also know many, many more people who simply play on a site, take the bonus as ‘free’ cash and use it to ‘have fun’. Of course when you go in with this mindset you cannot be too disheartened when you ultimately lose, but still by searching here for our many bonuses or by going direct to any number of poker sites you can reap the benefit of these bonus offers before moving on to the next. There are many, and they are plentiful.