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Top Ten Online Poker Tells

Article By: RuffPoker.com

Everyone has heard the term poker face, which enables us to understand that most people have a good idea that a lot of poker has to do with what your opponents do. The general population has an idea about bluffing, reading player, and getting tells to a certain level. With that said, most would wonder how or if there are any way to get tells from players online. There are actually just as many poker tells online if not more. They are just different types of tells.

1. The number one tell online has to do with the way a player bets. Some players bet a specific amount when they have a good hand and another amount when they have a bad hand or are trying to bluff. They may bet a certain way when they have a midgrade hand, or when they have a great hand. It is all in the way that your opponent bets.

2. Another tell is how long a person takes to act. This could often be a coincidental thing that happens, but is often a very good tell. People could take a long time because they are not paying attention and for several other reasons. One of the tells that I tend to notice are the one when a player acts right away. This lets me know a little about how good his hand is.

3. The auto selections that they have in online poker are often good tells. If someone has auto raise on then chances are they are excited about their hand. They probably cannot wait to raise. If someone has auto call then they also probably have a good hand.

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4. The chat on the poker sites are probably the easiest and dumbest (on the opponent’s part) tell. Players often start to chat when they have a good hand or maybe even a bad hand. It is up to you in that situation to figure out which one.

5. There is an option that will allow you to wait for the big blind or play right away. This is a good way to get a tell on your opponents right off the bat. If a player does not wait, they are either not very serious players or they are not patient.

6. The classic opposite approach. Many players will bet when they have no hand, and not bet when they have a good hand. That one is easy to catch over time. This is the best tell and the funny part is that they do not even realize how obvious it is.

7. Another tell is to research some of the outside attributes of players. You can check to see how many tables each player is at and how they are doing at those tables. This will give you a good idea of how serious that player is.

8. Tracking the player stats is a tell that players have no control over. You can see a lot about how a player plays by tracking stats.

9. There are more players online then anywhere else that like to check raise. These players are usually always calling or checking, and then when they hit that hand they throw at you the famous check raise. This is a tell for a strong hand.

10. Back to the chat, players often talk a lot about prior hands and ways they played them and what happened with it. This is a great way to figure out how a player plays and thinks.

As you can see, even though you do not have an actual human body in front of you, there are still a lot of tells when you play online poker. If you keep all of these tells in mind it will help your game out drastically.