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Be Careful by Trapping

Article By: RuffPoker.com

Trapping can be the best move in poker or the worst move in poker. If you do it at the right time it can make you a lot of money, but if you do it at the wrong time it can lose you a lot of money. If you are not careful then you will end up losing all of your money extremely fast. There is a lot to be worried about before you think about trapping your opponent.

The number one most important aspect of trapping is to know that you have the best hand for sure. That will not be good when you flip your cards at a showdown just to see that you just got trapped trying to trap your opponent. Trapping should only be done when you have the very best hand possible and you are sure of it. The worse thing you can do is trap your opponents when you don’t have any business trapping with that hand.

The other thing to make sure you are careful about is drawing boards. You could have the nuts on the flop and still lose on the turn or river if the cards are right. When there is a drawing board you cannot slow play and trap your players. That is only giving them a chance to beat you and there is no point. The best thing that could happen if you slow play is that your opponents will not catch their cards. If that happens then you are not going to get paid off anyways. If you have a monster on a drawing board, the only way to make money is by betting hard.

Trapping can work great but only when you have the nuts. You have to be sure that you have the best hand. That is by far the most important thing to remember. If you have the best hand and you think trapping will make you the most money then there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes trapping will make you more money then any other move possible. There are just a couple things to be worried about before you do it.

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The object is to get as much money as you possibly can. Sometimes trapping is the wrong move even when you do have the nuts. If you trap someone and that ends up making you no money with the nuts, then you just completely wasted your time. There is nothing worse then getting the nuts and making no money off of it. It makes all the patience and waiting a huge waste of time. As long as you are careful when trapping and you are going to make money, there is nothing wrong with it. Just be sure to think everything through before making that move.