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How to Play Against Richy Rich

Article By: RuffPoker.com

The one kind of person that every poker player drools over is the one that is completely loaded and ready to give away an unbelievable amount of money. The best thing about it is that he won’t even care. These guys will often think they are great at poker and they enjoy flaunting their money. Factor in the point that they really aren’t good at poker, and you will find yourself making a lot of money if you play against him the right way.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the guy is rich. He is not going to care about any money that he loses at the poker table; that isn’t why he plays. He will still want to win more then likely because that is why you play poker. It is a competition between a bunch of men and the occasional woman or two. Either way, they are all competitors and that will never change. Just keep in mind that the rich guy has a lot of money, and he is here to play. That means that there isn’t going to be much folding when that guy is at the table.

With all of that in mind it comes time to figure out how you can get as much money as possible from the guy with the fat wallet. The first thing you want to do is encourage him to give away his money. That doesn’t mean you tell the guy that he should play terrible and give away money. It just simply means that you could tell him how good he is and how impressed you are with his play. Say things like “good hand” and “very nice play”, when really it was a terrible hand and a terrible play. Blow up his head, and make him think he is better then everyone.

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Once he has that mindset, you are golden. As long as he keeps thinking that he is good at the game, he will keep on pulling out more money. Just convince him that he got unlucky and that he should have won that $2,000.00 pot against you. From there, you can just keep on being his friend and taking his money. The best thing about it; is that he will have fun doing it. When he gets up $10,000.00 lighter he will tell you how much he enjoyed playing with you and how he cannot wait to do it again.

There is no better player to play against then the rich guy who doesn’t mind losing his money. He will play a lot of hands and fall for all of your traps. Just be careful of the draws, because it is a safe bet that he will chase every single time. That is an easy habit to take advantage of as long as he doesn’t get too lucky. A bluff won’t work against the rich guy, because he will call every time just in case you are bluffing. That is why a good move is to bluff so he purposely catches you. Then the next time you have a monster you will be able to take every last penny that is in from of him during that hand.

If you make the right moves, playing against Richy Rich can be one of the best poker nights you have ever had. It is truly a blessing to be able to play at the same table as the rich guy who cannot play poker to save his life.