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How to Spot a Weak Player Going Fishing

Article By: RuffPoker.com

Poker is a game that takes a lot of thought and examination. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of different factors that go into this wonderful game known as poker. One of the biggest is the fact that there are so many different types of poker players out there. Some of them are very weak and terrible at the game while others are very strong and extremely good at the game. The key is to be able to distinguish the difference when you sit down at a poker table.

Poker is not for everyone; but fortunately for those who are made to play the game; a lot of people do not realize this fact. That leads to a lot of poker players that think they are poker players but they are really nothing but fish. They are fish that are nothing to us except maybe good people and definitely a source of income. That sounds funny, but it is very true. The good players make a living off of the bad ones. If everyone was great at poker then it would be pretty difficult to win consistently.

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The good players rely on the bad players. There are so many fish out there that just don’t get the game. The majority of these players may be beginners but you would be surprised how many long time fish are out there. It is not uncommon to see a poker player of many years to take in the custom of being a long time fish. If a weak player doesn’t think that he or she is weak then they will never be able to fix it. Chances are; the weak players don’t look at themselves as weak. If they thought they were weak then they probably wouldn’t be playing the game with you.

Spotting the Fish

Okay, so if there are so many weak players out there then how do you spot them? This is the question that may seem hard to answer. For the most part, these players stand out like a soar thumb. There are just all around weak players and then there are players that have a lot of weaknesses. There is a difference between the two. A player that is weak just isn’t good, but a player with a lot of weaknesses can always bite you from behind and surprise you. Of course, all players have their weaknesses; but the ones that are being talked about here are the ones with more weaknesses then strengths. More specifically the ones that you want to prey on are the fish that just have no clue. These players don’t have any strengths at all. They usually do everything the wrong way and they will go all in with the slightest chance to win a hand. The only chance they really have is short term luck.

Spotting these players will not take long; they play a lot of hands and they only win when they get lucky. A sure sign of a fish is the one who hasn’t folded in the last 20 hands. Every once in a while they will fold and when they do they will probably say something negative about the hand. The only time a fish folds is when they get a hand they hate for some specific reason. Spotting a fish is not hard to do, it is figuring out how to take advantage of them that can be tricky. The more you play with these kinds of players the ore you will figure out. It can come as a surprise when you see some of the stupid things that fish do. Weak players can be spotted from a mile away if you have your eyes open.