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There is a lot of Value in Value Betting

Article By: RuffPoker.com

There is a very valid reason for the name of the term known as value betting. A value bet will get the most possible amount of money out of your opponent. With the proper bet, you will make a lot more money then if you bet more or less. A value bet is exactly what the name represents; a bet that has a lot of value. The point is to get the most value out of your bet as possible.

A value bet is a lot easier to achieve with the opponents that play by the odd and numbers. A player that knows the math of poker will be a lot easier to pull of a value bet with then an opponent that doesn’t pay attention to that. If you are playing against a player that just plays the cards they are going to fold or call no matter how much you put in the pot. A player that knows the math on the other hand will look into the pot before deciding what the right decision is.

Part of value betting is looking into the pot yourself to figure out what a good value bet is. Obviously if you bet twice the amount of the pot then that wouldn’t be a good value bet. A player that looks at pot odds isn’t going to call that kind of bet unless they know they have you dominated. If you are value betting that probably isn’t going to be the case. A value bet is normally used when you have the upper hand.

A standard value bet would be anywhere from half of the pot to the size of the pot depending on your opponent. If you are playing with a looser player then you might bet a little more then a tight player. The idea is to have them look into the pot and feel that it is worth it for them to call because of the amount of money in the pot. Sometimes you might have to bet even less to get them to call. It all depends on what you think. You want to get as much as you can without your opponent folding.

A value bet is much better then an over bet or an all in that you make in desperate hopes to get a caller. A value bet may get several callers; if not hopefully at least one. You must be patient and a value bet is part of being patient. You may want to get all you money in with the nuts right away because you are excited. Well, chances are nobody will call you if you do that. A good value bet however will give you a much better chance to get someone to put all their money in the middle for you to rake up. You may even able to get multiple players to put their stacks in against your nuts.

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The plan is to kill them slowly when you get the nuts. Keep value betting all the way to the river and by the time it comes; a value bet will be the rest of their chips or close to it. By then your opponents will either be pot committed or just so frustrated that they will put all their chips in the middle anyways. There is definitely a lot of value in value betting; much more then any other bet. It just takes discipline and focus; like any other part of a poker game.