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Kelly Kim Profile

Kelly Kim is by far the most experienced poker professional at the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event. He’s also severely short stacked. With around 2 million in chips, he’s out chipped close to 12 times by the amateur chip leader Dennis Phillips. But will Kim’s experience overcome his huge chip deficit?
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Kelly Kim has been playing poker since 1995, that’s before some of the November Nine were even old enough to consider playing poker for money. Kim is the classic example of the “tight is right” player. His tight style may not have earned him many tournament wins over the years, but it sure does land him in the money a lot. Kim has moneyed in 29 major tournaments in the past four years. So what does this experienced player think about making the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event?

“I’ve already reached my goal and everything else is just gravy,” Kim says.

And who can blame him? After all, even if he does bust out in 9th place, he’ll earn $900,600. That’s almost three times what he’s made over the past four years!
It’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out in November. It may come down to what kind of cards this California native catches. His tight style of play may get run over by the uber-aggressive play of players like Scott Montgomery and Chino Rheem. But if Kim catches some good cards, he might get an easy payoff─ of course, he’ll have to get a few double-ups in order to be a contender for the bracelet.

The odds against Kim pulling it out are a hefty 50-to-1, so if he does win the bracelet, all Kelly Kim backers will get a healthy payday themselves. However, that may be wishful thinking. People who play a tight style of poker aren’t known for their impressive comebacks. If Kim wants to pull one off, he’ll have to step out of his comfort zone and take some chances.
Will Kim’s experience be enough to save him? Only time will tell.

Tournament History

  • 29th – World Series of Poker Circuit Event (2008)
  • 57th – 38th Annual World Series of Poker: Event 52 (2007)
  • 28th – 38th Annual World Series of Poker: Event 19 (2007)
  • 21st – Sport of Kings (2007)
  • 4th – Winnin’ o’ the Green (2007)
  • 24th – LA Poker Classic (2007)
  • 6th – Poker Derby (2007)
  • 4th – Turkey Shoot/Ho-Ho Hold’em (2006)
  • 23rd – Holiday Bonus Tournament (2006)
  • 4th – Festa Al Lago Classic (2006)
  • 13th – Five-Star World Poker Classic (2006)
  • 17th – LA Poker Classic (2006)
  • 3rd – LA Poker Classic (2006)
  • 17th – LA Poker Classic (2006)
  • 23rd – Ho-Ho Hold’em (2005)
  • 4th – Five Diamond World Poker Classic (2005)
  • 14th – Holiday Bonus Tournament (2005)
  • 6th – 9th Annual National Championship of Poker (2005)
  • 18th – Festa al Lago IV (2005)
  • 17th – Larry Flynt’s Grand Slam of Poker IV (2005)
  • 398th – 36th Annual World Series of Poker (2005)
  • 3rd – The Mini Series (2005)
  • 8th – The Mini Series (2005)
  • 3rd – The Mini Series (2005)
  • 2nd – The Mini Series (2005)
  • 14th – Legends of Poker (2004)
  • 24th – America’s Poker Classic (2004)
  • 1st – Grand Slam of Poker (2003)

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